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Botox injections are both safe and effective, but if you don’t know much about it, we’ve got you covered. Botox is a purified strain of Type A Botulinum Toxin. When it’s properly injected, it temporarily blocks the movement of the targeted muscles and underlying tissues. The targeted muscles take about a week to fully relax, so you’ll be enjoying beautiful, radiant-looking skin in no time!
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Here at Becka Botox, we want you to be feeling confident and beautiful, all year long. Read our blog to learn more about the powerful benefits our services provide. You can also find more on the steps you should take to help enhance your Botox, Kybella, or Juvéderm injection, advanced skincare application, or your latest microdermabrasion or laser treatment session. Let Becka Botox guide you on your beauty and skincare journey, and we’ll make sure you’re always looking good and feeling good.

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